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Mission Statement

September 1, 2019

I aim to activate the subtle background effects of everyday language on habits of mind…

  • to promote universal access to tangible quality of life returns on investments of love and care in mutual understanding;
  • to be able to see ourselves in each other and in the world at large;
  • to follow through on Diotima’s lesson to Socrates on how beauty teaches us to understand meaning;
  • to live out a musical analogy celebrating individual creativity and improvisation in a context of instruments tuned to shared scales;
  • to artfully create media projecting collectively self-organized, emergent, socially contagious, and virally communicable innovations;
  • to incorporate the pragmatic idealism of the Parthenon’s democratic image of unique citizens united in common cause;
  • to extend applications of the model of natural selection’s massive experimentations from biological to social forms of life;
  • to embrace uncertainty and imperfection, relinquishing illusions of error-free precision in favor of continuous improvement;
  • to connect local representations in broad and multilevel relational ecosystems, abandoning isolated and decontextualized representations falsely obscuring understanding and alienating potential allies and creative partners;
  • to embody accessible and meaningful symbols of complex interdependence in everyday and widely used tools;
  • to advance civilization, following Whitehead, by facilitating wide distribution of a new class of tools’ technical operations; and doing so
  • by taking the scales of justice seriously as a symbol of equity and fairness, employing stochastic multilevel forms of it in mathematical and substantive models of human, social, and environmental relationships;
  • by means of poetic metaphors captivating imaginations by resonating with shared values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness;
  • via models of inclusion and empowerment formatively guiding individual and organizational learning;
  • by conceiving and implementing multilevel knowledge infrastructures contextualizing individuality in collective expressions that are in turn contextualized by explanatory models;
  • by accepting mathematics and interpretation as existing together side by side along the entire continuum of quantitative and qualitative expressions;
  • by transforming hidden background assumptions as to learning, sustainability, and development into explicit objects of operations embodied in multilevel shared metrics;
  • by separating and balancing the executive, legislative, and judicial powers at every level of complexity;
  • by not trying to negate or remove subjectivity but by putting it on the table in relation to others’ subjectivities and to objectively reproducible expressions;
  • by recognizing technologies as embodiments of the id’s unconscious subjectivities instrumentally mediating measures of the ego’s objective data and the superego’s judicial theory;
  • by extending the semiotic triangle’s thing-word-concept assemblages from everyday language into science’s data-instrument-theory assemblages;
  • by extending natural science’s loosely coupled, convergent-divergent communities of experimentalists, metrologists, and theoreticians into the social sciences and psychology;
  • by proliferating the propagation of representations across media to coordinate and align ecosystem alliances within and between varied social forms of life (economic, legal, financial, governmental, technical, regulatory, scientific, operational, managerial, educational, clinical, etc.);
  • by addressing problems of human suffering, social discontent, and environmental degradation via all of the above.

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