Transformative love!

Transformative love! How about a pragmatically effective sense of loving transformation?

  • How about if we lovingly care for our social impact measurement technologies like we do our children (to adapt Bruno Latour’s suggestion)?
  • How about if we lovingly care enough to choose discourse over violence and we quit committing the violence of the premature conclusions we draw from insufficient social impact information (echoing Paul Ricoeur)?
  • How about if we do more to lovingly care for the unity and sameness of the objects of our sustainable impact conversations (taking up Hans-Georg Gadamer’s terms)?
  • How about if we lovingly care enough to prioritize feminist diffractions over masculine tests of strength (following Donna Haraway)?
  • What if we lovingly cared enough for social innovation to model it on the fecund relationships that conceive, gestate, midwife, and nurture new life to maturity (channeling Luce Irigaray)?
  • What if we lovingly care about keeping thinking connected with the ecosystem context of relationships enough to create a new social innovation information infrastructure (tapping the words of Susan Leigh Star)?

Here at the Social Innovation Summit, Valerie Kaur’s call to revolutionary love, leading with love, does a fantastic job of spelling out the power of the birthing and midwifery metaphor. When people like her make the connection, there’s no limit to where humanity will go.

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