Common currencies for the exchange of human, social, and environmental value

I was just now reading an article (see link below) that underscores my conviction that the secure ledger platforms are the real message, and that cryptocurrencies are intuitions of the need for fungible expressions of scientifically and meaningfully measured human, social, and environmental value.

We absolutely need efficient markets to be able to buy, invest in, profit from, and scale up UN SDG sustainability products like carbon sequestration, reduced violence, and improved literacy rates. Linking real value with common product definitions and financial value will be complex, multilevel, and multifaceted, but it can be done. It will be expensive to create efficient markets for economically self-sustaining sustainability impacts, but doing so will pay returns many times greater than what’s invested. And neither doing nothing nor continuing as we are can stand as viable options.

When the right combination is hit, watch out! This event will reveal the Internet’s true purpose. Some will say it fulfills humanity’s destiny as stewards of the earth.

The economic transformation that follows will make everything that’s happened to date pale in comparison. It will become impossible to generate financial profits while destroying human, social, or environmental value. The alignment of financial and genuine wealth will even out monetary flows in such a way as to make a guaranteed minimum income nothing more than an obvious and inarguable consequence of economic reality. Critical engagement will lead sometimes to systemic improvements, sometimes to clear refutation of the critic, sometimes to a recognized need for more information, and more often to a new tolerance and respect for differences of opinion as our capacities to learn from one another grow.

All that to say I remain unconvinced by stories like this one that seem blind to the poetry, beauty, meaning, and power of taking living language as a model for adaptive, intelligent institutions capable of improving the human condition:

She prosecuted Bitcoin crimes. Now she’s a major cryptocurrency investor. – FORTUNE

For more on these matters, see previous posts here, my web site, my publications, etc.

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