2011 IMEKO Conference Papers Published Online

Papers from the Joint International IMEKO TC1+ TC7+ TC13 Symposium held August 31st to September 2nd,  2011, in Jena, Germany are now available online at http://www.db-thueringen.de/servlets/DerivateServlet/Derivate-24575/IMEKO2011_TOC.pdf. The following will be of particular interest to those interested in measurement applications in the social sciences, education, health care, and psychology:

Nikolaus Bezruczko
Foundational Imperatives for Measurement with Mathematical Models

Nikolaus Bezruczko, Shu-Pi C. Chen, Connie Hill, Joyce M. Chesniak
A Clinical Scale for Measuring Functional Caregiving of Children Assisted with Medical Technologies

Stefan Cano, Anne F. Klassen, Andrea L. Pusic, Andrea
From Breast-Q © to Q-Score ©: Using Rasch Measurement to Better Capture Breast Surgery Outcomes

Gordon A. Cooper, William P. Fisher, Jr.
Continuous Quantity and Unit; Their Centrality to Measurement

William P. Fisher, Jr.
Measurement, Metrology and the Coordination of Sociotechnical Networks

William .P Fisher, Jr., A. Jackson Stenner
A Technology Roadmap for Intangible Assets Metrology

Carl V. Granger, Nikolaus Bezruczko
Body, Mind, and Spirit are Instrumental to Functional Health: A Case Study

Thomas Salzberger
The Quantification of Latent Variables in the Social Sciences: Requirements for Scientific Measurement and Shortcomings of Current Procedures

A. Jackson Stenner, Mark Stone, Donald Burdick
How to Model and Test for the Mechanisms that Make Measurement Systems Tick

Mark Wilson
The Role of Mathematical Models in Measurement: A Perspective from Psychometrics

Also of interest will be Karl Ruhm’s plenary lecture and papers from the Fundamentals of Measurement Science session and the Special Session on the Role of Mathematical Models in Measurement:

Karl H. Ruhm
From Verbal Models to Mathematical Models – A Didactical Concept not just in Metrology

Alessandro Giordani, Luca Mari
Quantity and Quantity Value

Eric Benoit
Uncertainty in Fuzzy Scales Based Measurements

Susanne C.N. Töpfer
Application of Mathematical Models in Optical Coordinate Metrology

Giovanni Battista Rossi
Measurement Modelling: Foundations and Probabilistic Approach

Sanowar H. Khan, Ludwik Finkelstein
The Role of Mathematical Modelling in the Analysis and Design of Measurement Systems

Roman Z. Morawski
Application-Oriented Approach to Mathematical Modelling of Measurement Processes

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