We, the people

We, the people of the planet Earth, hold the following as self-evident truths:
1. that our abilities, skills, motivations, and health provide the labor employed in the global economy;
2. that our trust, loyalty, commitment, and integrity are essential to all contracts, explicit and implicit; and
3. that nature’s regenerative powers and ecosystem services are what make  air breathable, water drinkable, food nourishing, and this planet inhabitable.

We the people further hold these human, social, and natural resources to be the forms of capital most fundamentally essential to the functioning of the economy. And we the people find that, when placed alongside the true wealth of our living capital, the value of property, machines and money is worth much less. We further find that, though nature’s irreplaceable ecosystem services are priceless, our living capital resources might conservatively be estimated as amounting to 90% or more of the total volume of capital under management in the global economy.

We the people recognize scholarly works showing that economic prosperity has historically followed from four factors: private property rights, scientific rationality, access to capital, and functional transportation and communication networks.

In light of these self-evident truths and results of scholarly study, we the people want to know why the four factors creating economic prosperity have not yet been applied to living capital. Why is there not even any discussion of whether these four factors could or should be applied to 90% of the capital under management? Quite apart from academic arguments concerning what scientific rationality is or is not, why aren’t any of these issues on anyone’s agenda?

We, the people of the world, want to know. Why?

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